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In 2002, Myron Wright, a sophomore at Thibodaux High School became paralyzed in the last football game of the season. It was a play when a player from the opposing team pushed Myron from behind which threw him off balance. With his head down, he was hit from the front and fractured his C4 vertebrate. Although Myron maintains his feeling and sensation, he was left paralyzed from the shoulders down.

At the time Myron was not doing any therapy, just praying and hoping to get into a rehabilitation center that specializes in spinal cord injuries. Well, nearly 5 years after the injury his dream came true. In 2008, 2009, and 2012, with the support of his family and philanthropic contributions of friends and strangers, Myron participated in Project Walk, a renowned treatment program in Carlsbad, CA that specializes in rehabilitating people with spinal cord injuries.

His ultimate goal is to walk again, which he is not there yet, but closer than he was before.

In 2007, Myron Wright Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization was created with a mission to ENCOURAGE and PROMOTE education to the youth, STRENGTHEN and RESTORE low income communities, and SUPPORT individuals affected by life-threatening injuries facing financial hardship. EIN: 26-2630191

Since 2007, The Myron Wright Foundation has given 10 Academic Scholarships from $250-$1000, Christmas Toy Drive Giveaways, Youth Sports Sponsorship, School Supply Giveaways, Support Donations, and created M.D. Wright Academic Center.

Myron Wright Foundation PO Box 5051, Thibodaux, LA 70302